Andy Murray and Amélie Mauresmo Call It A Day

by Savannah

I admit some sadness over the split between Andy Murray and his coach Amélie Mauresmo. Still the split was inevitable. Amélie is a new mother and babies are known for obliterating your life as you knew it once they arrive on the scene. Amélie also had duties she performed for her native country that included working with the French Fed Cup team. She was in Madrid in that capacity while Jamie Delgado was coaching Murray. Delgado did look involved and I wondered what was up but now we all know.

Delgado is a Brit born March 21 1977 and has represented Britain in Davis Cup. He’s been Murray’s assistant coach since February 29 of this year so he’s familiar with Mr. Murray and his wants and needs. The fact that he’s been his assistant coach since February could mean that Andy and Amélie had already become aware of the constraints on her travel time.

Andy made history choosing not only a woman but a French woman. I hope that his choice, and their need to split for what in the end are personal reasons, doesn’t end up being an anomaly in the world of men’s tennis.

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