Robert Lansdorp Comes to the Defense of Maria Sharapova

by Savannah

In a stunning interview posted by  respected US coach made the following comments:

The coach says he can’t understand why the anti-doping body didn’t call Sharapova’s team directly to inform them of the change in the rules.

He said: ‘I mean if it’s that important then why don’t you call Max [Eisenbud] her agent and say, “hey Max we’re going to change this”, why send an email to a girl who gets thousands and thousands of emails?

‘Something that important, why wouldn’t you make a phone call or double check the email and say, “did you get the email?”. This wasn’t just anyone, it was Maria.

Let the implications of those words sink in. The WORLD Anti Doping Agency, responsible for monitoring the use of PED’s by athletes of all stripes should have made an exception for one athlete and one athlete alone. Does he not understand that if, in an alternate universe, that call had been made from WADA or someone working there it would be an admission that it knew she was using meldonium? Why should she and she alone have been notified by the anti doping agency to stop what she was doing?

Furthermore doesn’t her presumably highly paid staff bear the responsibility of telling her that the rules had changed? In the end it’s the athlete who bears responsibility for what goes into his or her body. WADA is not in the business of notifying drug cheats that their drug of choice is on their radar. The assumption that Sharapova deserved special treatment from WADA is stunning in it’s arrogance.

Of course Lansdorp goes into the whole “everyone is jealous of her ‘beauty’ and wealth meme that some “fans” promulgated when tennis was blindsided by her admission at her press conference. He also goes after tennis stars who have spoken out about the negative effect doping has on the reputation of tennis, a sport fighting to gain respect as legit and not a country club sport. He also says that her penchant for secrecy and distance may be genetic.

‘Russians are born KGB people I think, very private people,

What apologists don’t want to talk about is that there were 450 tests done at the 2016 Australian Open. There’s only one result that was negative.

They also want us to ignore the admission by Ms Sharapova that she has been using this stuff for ten years. That means she’s been using this since she was 18 years old. Lansdorp was on her team when she was between the ages of 10-18.

There is something going on here. Why is the US tennis establishment pulling out all the stops to defend a woman who has been doping for ten years? Not even the Russians are defending her that hard, saying that the level of meldonium found in Sharapova’s system was too high to allow her to try and claim she last took the drug at the end of last year.

There have been reports that Ms Sharapova’s hearing will take place May 18-19 2016. There is no guarantee anything will be announced then but I could be wrong. At any rate it seems the US tennis establishment, in trying to defend the woman it considers its star product may have raised more questions about its motives than it intended to.

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